Telestream Enables Encoding to ProRes on Windows Server Products

Telestream announced that its Vantage®, FlipFactory®, and Episode® Engine transcoding software for Windows-based servers now allow encoding to the Apple ProRes video codec.

Telestream is the first company to enable the creation of ProRes in Windows-based transcoding applications, for use in Final Cut Studio production environments, as well as in preparing content for distribution through iTunes.

“Vantage, with its new 10-bit capabilities, provides full automation of iTunes content preparation workflows by combining content analysis and transcoding with automated decision-making,” said Barbara DeHart, vice president of marketing at Telestream. “Episode Engine`s unique high-quality 10-bit 4:2:2:4 craft encoding system is an ideal match for maintaining high-quality video encoding standards. Furthermore, Vantage integrates directly into Agility 2G networks, so that encoding to ProRes is available from all of our enterprise offerings.”

The ability to encode to ProRes allows users to turn acquisition, ingest or archive content into files for editing in Final Cut Pro. ProRes encoding on a Windows platform also provides a seamless bridge between Mac OS X and Windows environments. In addition, a Windows-based, high-volume workflow solution to create content for iTunes is now possible with Vantage, FlipFactory, and Episode Engine. The addition of ProRes to Telestream`s full suite of enterprise-class transcoding software products provides a solution to fit every need.

Telestream`s server-based video transcoders are used by many of the world`s most demanding media and entertainment companies for fast, high-volume, video and audio transcoding. Episode Engine`s high-quality, 10-bit 4:2:2:4 processing is coupled with segmented and distributed encoding that fully utilizes all CPU power to meet time-critical needs. Episode Engine is scalable from a single workstation to a multi-node server cluster, allowing users to cost-effectively add transcoding nodes as their business requirements grow. An Episode exclusive, One Click Clustering with integrated file-sharing allows users to easily pool resources and share encoding tasks across multiple computers in a mixed environment of PC and Mac systems.

Vantage video workflow design and automation software is built on a modular, future-proof platform that combines video capture, transcoding, analysis, metadata processing, and delivery into a unified video framework. Developed for media and entertainment companies and organizations with high-volume video processing needs, Vantage offers enterprise-class scalability, predictability, and workflow management tools. Vantage automates a variety of workflows including device interoperability, content preparation and delivery. Vantage and FlipFactory allow enterprises to improve operational efficiency and take advantage of today`s new multichannel revenue opportunities.

The ability to encode to ProRes is now available on Episode Engine for Windows and Mac OS X, Vantage and FlipFactory transcoding software, and is available as a free upgrade for existing customers.




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