Telestream Increases Workflow Capabilities with Key Partnerships and Integrations

Telestream announced key partnerships with five industry leaders to expand Vantage® workflow automation and control to meet a broader set of customer needs in the file-based ecosystem. New partner capabilities include inverse telecine and standards conversion with Cinnafilm, quality control with Digimetrics, audio encoding and correction with Dolby, transport stream multiplexing with Manzanita, and subtitling and captioning with Screen.

“Vantage was built from the ground up with flexibility in mind to enable users to consolidate multi-vendor solutions into unified, real-time, intelligent production workflows,” said Barbara DeHart, vice president of marketing at Telestream. “These partnerships follow the release of major new products and enhancements to the Vantage transcoding family, which solidifies Telestream’s position as the market leader in providing both file-based transcoding and workflow automation solutions to our customers.”

New partner solutions to be provided under Vantage workflow automation and control include:

Cinnafilm Tachyon™ Correct for stellar inverse telecine, including noise reduction, cadence, and mixed mode normalization – and Tachyon™ Convert for stellar standards conversion, including frame-rate resolution and mode conversion

Digimetrics Aurora file-based quality control for qualitative assessment of audio and video at any stage in the file-based workflow, including audio dropout and video quality

Dolby® DP600 program Optimizer, the industry-standard device for audio encoding and correction of Dolby® audio formats, including Dolby Digital and Dolby E

Manzanita TransportStream Multiplexer products which bring industry-leading transport stream multiplexing for IPTV, cable and VOD applications to Vantage

Screen MediaMate for delivering subtitles for accessibility workflows, including DVB, OP47, web captioning and multiple language content – and for supporting increasing demand for captioning of web-based content

“We are excited to have our GPU-based Tachyon conversion and correction technologies incorporated into the highly-successful Vantage product line,” said Ernie Sanchez, COO of Cinnafilm. “We believe Standards Transcoding™ will soon be the defacto method of operation for media providers, post-production facilities and broadcasters. Hybrid baseband/file workflows for standards conversion and transcoding will quickly disappear once the quality, performance and scalability of technologies like Vantage with Tachyon are widely known.”

Telestream’s Vantage product family provides a complete range of world-class video transcoding and workflow solutions – from single-server installations for automating transcoding, to very large, multi-server systems that produce and assemble millions of finished media packages. Vantage takes very complex process steps and unifies them into automated, easy-to-manage workflows. In addition, it predictably automates file-based video workflows within multi-vendor ecosystems, allowing faster than real-time, intelligent decision-based workflow control and monitoring of systems at the largest scale. An SDK simplifies Vantage integration directly into existing software systems using a web services interface.




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