The Tiffen Company unveiled the brand-new Steadicam® Merlin 2 camera stabilizer system at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at booth 31133. Developed using the same Steadicam engineering ingenuity that powers the $60k feature-film models, the new Merlin 2 system offers everyone from the video enthusiast to the professional shooter an ultra-smooth, elegant handheld camera stabilizer system with unparalleled performance and precision.

In addition to the Merlin 2’s debut, Tiffen also rolled out the new Merlin Camera Controller, a camera control accessory for Merlin and Merlin 2 systems. “Tiffen is all about helping people create the perfect image, and these two new products deliver on that promise,” comments Steve Tiffen, President and CEO, The Tiffen Company.“In addition to the phenomenal ergonomic design of the new handheld Merlin 2 system, the new production capabilities offered in the Merlin Camera Controller option really change the game with regard to camera control. You can seamlessly start and stop recording and control zoom and autofocus with no telltale bumps. Complex sequences can be shot and edited in real-time and are immediately ready to hand off to clients or view with friends and family.”

Manufactured for endurance, the sturdy Merlin 2 supports a wide range of DSLR, compact and professional camcorders, point-and-shoot cameras and other video-capture device models weighing from 0.5 to 5 lbs. (0.23 to 2.2 kg). The Merlin 2’s forward-thinking “Folding-Caliper”TM hinge allows instant fold-up, perfect for shoulder-mounted shooting and, just as quickly, returns precisely to its original position for handheld camera work. The newly enhanced precision adjustable stage offers shooters exacting balance.

Integrated directly within the Merlin 2 handle, the new Merlin Camera Controller provides the ultimate in operational convenience.

Highlights of the Merlin Camera Controller include the following:
·         Control the Record Stop/Start, Auto Focus and Zoom functions of Canon or Sony LANC-capable cameras
·         LED indicators on the control panel show RECORD and STANDBY status
·         Allows the user greater freedom in operating his or her Merlin without strapping on bulky aftermarket zoom controllers that upset the balance of the Merlin and get in the way of users while operating
·         Simple one-handed ergonomic design and button placements make the Merlin Camera Controller easy and comfortable to use
·         Programmable Zoom control buttons allow the user to set up the Merlin Camera Controller for either left- or right-handed operation
·         No battery required – the Merlin Camera Controller uses power from the camera to operate via an ultra-thin connection cable to the camera’s port
·         Support for Merlin and Merlin 2 models




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