The STORM Hits

The Foundry launched their eagerly-anticipated RED Digital Cinema workflow product, STORM. STORM brings a focused and easy to adopt tool to digital camera workflows, offering a consistent and reliable way to review, organize, prepare, edit, conform and deliver RAW RED media, on a laptop or workstation on and near-set.

STORM brings continuity to your workflow enabling you to quickly and easily take RED media from camera, through editorial and onto post-production and delivery. Whether you’re a DIT, Data Wrangler, Cinematographer, Editor, Colourist, Director or all of the above, STORM provides a workflow solution that will work for you.


“Clients love to see shots previewed on set, STORM helps me show them what is possible, confirm what we have and what we need to deliver the Director’s vision, and deliver just the right content to editorial. It is a real time saver.” Simon Blackledge, VFX Supervisor and Head of Post at Space Digital Ltd.



STORM’s intuitive and flexible UI makes it easy to customise and transition between layouts. Ingesting your RED media is fast and simple and from there STORM can be used to perform a multitude of tasks that will make your life easier:


* Use tags to identify and search for key frames or clips, then create user-defined bins based on tagged media.
* Playback in real-time. Make the most of your RED Rocket or lower your playback resolution to retain real-time on a laptop to verify your media.
* Use STORM’s effects, pre-defined looks or your own custom looks to explore cinematographic intent.
* Display and edit multi-track video and audio to compare takes, establish baselines and verify editorial intent. Then make use of STORM’s integration with FCP to edit and then re-conform back in STORM to your original RED media maintaining all looks, tags and metadata references.
* Navigate and grade media via the Artist Color panel to apply effects.


More about Storm here



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