Thomson Broadcast at IBC2012

At IBC2012, Thomson Broadcast will showcase its complete range of energy efficient, reliable solutions for the deployment of environmentally friendly, cost-effective terrestrial transmission networks.

NEW — Futhura GreenPower TV Transmitter Family
The Futhura range of cost-efficient, high-power digital reference transmitters is now equipped with an increased operating range from 1,6 kW to 11,6 kW – UHF wideband. The cooling system has been completely redesigned to provide further energy savings and the ability to adapt to any environmental conditions.

The Futhura GreenPower transmitter features a new exciter platform with support for all major standards and DVB-T/DVB-T2 dualcast capability. With IP input and MPLP capability, the transmitter is optimized for robust delivery of diverse services within a single channel, including mobile, SD, 3D, HD, and digital radio. The transmitter has a new, user friendly interface that offers an unparalleled view of transmitter operations and rapid diagnostics.

The Futhura Plus UHF wideband TV transmitter offers broadcasters substantial energy savings, with a 50 percent improvement in efficiency over current standard transmitters on the market — up to 39 percent energy efficiency. Using innovative drain modulation technology, the environmentally friendly Futhura Plus represents a major advance toward meeting lower energy-consumption targets in the broadcast industry. The transmitter’s greatly reduced power requirements offer operational cost savings that can have a considerable impact on the performance of a broadcast business, substantially outstripping the return on investment of any transmitter on the market today. In parallel the use of drain technology guarantees outstanding reliability of the Futhura Plus family because of the decrease in operating junction transistor temperature by 50°C.

NEW — Vithal VHF GreenPower TV Transmitters From Thomson Broadcast Now Ready for DAB
Thomson Broadcast’s new Vithal VHF transmitters are specifically designed to deliver ever-increasing efficiency and easy maintenance to address the digital radio and television market. Supporting advanced standards such as DAB+ and DVB-T2, the Vithal VHF range features leading-edge efficiency of up to 30 percent, offering a cost-efficient solution for any VHF digital broadcasting, including audio, video, or multimedia broadcast.

Also Showing at IBC2012:

Drain Modulation Technology
What if an amplification technology could save a lot of energy while also improving the total reliability of the transmission system? It would definitely address broadcasters’ major day-to-day efforts to reduce the total cost of ownership of their system. Drain modulation demonstrated on Thomson Broadcast’s stand during IBC2012 is the perfect answer. By far the best high-efficiency technique over UHF band, giving a thousand-fold increase in transistor life with unbelievable low-junction temperature, drain modulation will definitively reduce total cost of ownership of a transmission network beyond expectation.

DVB-T2 Lite
At IBC2012, Thomson Broadcast will stage workshops and live demonstrations based on our latest research on leading-edge DVB-T2 lite transmissions, including extreme PLP processing, energy efficiency improvement, PAPR, measurement and analysis techniques on DVB-T2 signal, and optimized DVB-T2 network management. Attendees will see the most interesting broadcast applications from Thomson Broadcast,  and be able to discuss and debate with many experienced experts.

Adaptive Precorrection System (APS)
Thomson Broadcast’s newly developed Adaptive Precorrection System will be shown at IBC2012 for the first time. The system is designed to improve the output spectrum as well as the MER (Modulation Error Rate) of shortwave DRM transmitters promising the best signal on air. This enhanced signal quality results in more efficient coverage and energy usage along the transmission chain, and gives excellent audio performance in AM mode.







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