ToolsOnAir and PRISMAHUB team up for a better multipurpose media delivery

The cloud based Media Management System PRISMAHUB is now fully integrated with ToolsOnAir’s TV systems. Walter Kuntner, CEO of ToolsOnAir: “The thing that was missing in our play-out, was browserbased scheduling, the creation of graphics with live previews and media asset management. PRISMAHUB fills that gap now. That makes PRISMAHUB and ToolsOnAir a powerful combination”.

Eumedianet, the developers of PRISMAHUB, and ToolsOnAir joined forces and combine ToolsOnAir’s TV play-out, the new workflow engine onCore and PRISMAHUB media asset management plus scheduling tools. PRISMAHUB provides asset management, so customers can manage their assets in the cloud including transcoding video, images and audio, the creation of proxy videos, thumbnails and adding metadata to the assets, ingest and exports. PRISMAHUB also has a built-in scheduling engine for TV channels and control of the ToolsOnAir’s playout via a web browser interface. It is possible to manage multiple TV channels in PRISMAHUB and schedule playlists by using Smart Slots. With Smart Slots you can use metadata values to auto-schedule content in specific slots in the playlist. PRISMAHUB also supports lower thirds and program overviews with real time preview and the insertion of logos in the playlist.

Lucas Vroemen, CEO of Eumedianet: “Customers want a proven integrated solution and don’t want to invent the wheel every time they build a new production platform. We did our homework and integrated play-out, workflow engines, newsroom, media asset management and media distribution already matured into a fully integrated system with a one-stop-shopping model”.

The integrated system is in use at Ecoland.TV, a Dutch TV channel broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using Tools On Air play-out and PRISMAHUB scheduling and asset management.




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