TV One Announces New Multiple Format Dual 7” Color LCD Monitor with Audio

The LM-702HDA has a multitude of video signal formats that may be accurately monitored. Its high brightness, wide viewing angle, excellent contrast ratio and high definition color result in an outstanding image. The unit features inputs for SDI (either SD or HD) with an active output, Analog RGBHV, YPbPr Component Video, a Composite Video and a YC input. NTSC and PAL Television Standards are supported and automatically detected.

SDI, AES and analog on screen audio monitoring is standard with the LM-702HDA, displaying audio level bar indictors. Front panel tally LED’s can be activated externally via the DB9 connector. The OSD Menu contains all the necessary controls to adjust Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness, Color Level (R-G-B), and other parameters necessary for optimum monitor performance. Results of these adjustments can be viewed via the On Screen Display. A Sync Delay (Pulse Cross) mode allows viewing of the vertical and horizontal sync and vertical blanking intervals. The Blue Only mode facilitates accurate monitor setup when viewing color bars.

The Dual 7” Monitor includes a unique tilt rack mount kit that tilts up or down to optimize the viewing angle. This is particularly beneficial when circumstances necessitate that the monitors be mounted above or below normal eye level.

The LM-702HDA has a Manufacturer’s recommended Retail Price of €2820.





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