TV One Issued Patent on Revolutionary New CORIO3 Video Processing Technology

TV One announces that the United Kingdom Patent Office has granted TV One a patent on their new CORIO®3 Video Processing Technology. US and International Patents are Pending and expected soon.

CORIO®3 is a radically new approach to video scaling, incorporating such advanced features as Simultaneous Multiple Image Processing, Real-time, 360° Rotation (independent for all PIPs and outputs) and Image Warping to allow Off-Axis and Curved Screen Projection. These are in addition to all standard features previously present in CORIO®2, such as Any Resolution or Format In or Out, Up/Down/Cross Conversion, Video Wall Processing, Edge Blending, Windowing and Multiviewing. Remarkably, CORIO®3 allows all of these functions to happen simultaneously with a maximum of two frames delay.

CORIO®3 technology allows a single product to do the work that was previously done by numerous pieces of equipment, such as routers, seamless switchers, multi-viewers, video wall processors, edge blenders, image rotators, image warpers. At InfoComm 2011, TV One will demonstrate the first CORIO®3 based multi-function product, called CORIO®master, which provides a new approach to Video/Audio Systems design.

CORIO®3 based products will bring environmental responsibility to a new level for professional video users. By combining the tasks of many products into a single unit, power consumption can be reduced by as much as 90%. Even though TV One’s CORIO®master will be the first product utilizing CORIO®3 technology, licensing agreements will allow other manufacturers to leap into a greener future.




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