Universal Videohub Editing Interface with Thunderbolt I/O Technology

Blackmagic Design announced a Thunderbolt™ enabled capture and playback interface for its Universal Videohub 3 Gb/s SDI and optical fiber routers. Universal Videohub Editing Interface plugs into all Universal Videohub models and features 4 high-performance Thunderbolt ports and four reference signal inputs. Thunderbolt-enabled devices can now connect to all router inputs and outputs using a Universal Videohub Editing Interface for only US$1,195.

Now featuring high-performance Thunderbolt I/O technology, plugging an editing interface into Universal Videohub avoids the need for separate capture and playback hardware. Any Thunderbolt-enabled computer can capture content from any input and playback to any output of Universal Videohub 72 and Videohub 288 models!

Universal Videohub Editing Interface takes advantage of new long Thunderbolt cables that reach up to 30 meters in length. This means decks, cameras or any live video feed connected to Universal Videohub can now be captured using the Thunderbolt port with a single, easy to connect long cable. Thunderbolt-enabled computers can also output to connected monitors, projectors, decks, disk recorders, play out servers and more! The integration of lightning fast 10 Gb/s Thunderbolt I/O technology within Universal Videohub makes it easier than ever to capture and playback with any source or destination.

With Thunderbolt video capture and playback built into the router itself, customers get full compatibility with Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Avid Media Composer 6, Adobe After Effects CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6 and more. Also included is Blackmagic Design’s Media Express software.

Universal Videohub’s card based design lets customers build their own router by adding interface cards to suit their needs. This provides flexibility that is uncommon with high quality SDI routers as customers can choose to add BNC SDI, optical fiber SDI and now Thunderbolt connectivity to either a 72 x 72 or 288 x 288 size frame.

Every Universal Videohub interface module is card based, with each card featuring 4 inputs and 4 outputs. Interfaces can be mixed and matched in any combination and at any time for a truly customizable routing solution. Universal Videohub can be expanded easily as facilities grow as interface cards fit into any position in any frame size! Customers can start with a 72 x 72 frame with a small number of interface cards with the knowledge and reassurance that their router can grow as they do!

Universal Videohub is an advanced routing system that features the latest 3 Gb/s SDI technology and auto switches between SD/HD, RGB 4:4:4 and 2K SDI video formats. Multiple video formats can be routed simultaneously without being restricted to only a set number of inputs and outputs that support particular resolutions and bandwidth. Universal Videohub features SDI re clocking, RS-422 control ports for each cross point, ethernet and serial router crosspoint control, redundant crosspoint cards and redundant power supplies.

“Adding high-speed Thunderbolt connectivity to Universal Videohub is a great marriage of technology,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “The fast connection speed is perfect for high bandwidth video formats and by integrating this within Universal Videohub means you can capture from literally hundreds of sources and playback to hundreds of destinations. This is a great addition for post production, broadcast and live production environments!”
Universal Videohub Editing Interface Key Features

Universal Videohub Interface module.
Compatible with Universal Videohub 72 and Universal Videohub 288 frames. 4 high-speed Thunderbolt I/O ports.
4 corresponding reference signal inputs allowing a mix of video formats.
SD, HD and 2K video capture and playback.
Includes Blackmagic Media Express software.

Availability and Price

Universal Videohub Editing Interface will be available in Q3 2012 for US$1,195 from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.




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