Vector MultiPlay and Vectorbox to make IBC debut

At the IBC show in September, Vector 3 will demonstrate its broadcast multichannel media asset management system, Vector MultiPlay, and the all-in-one Vectorbox chassis.

Designed for hub-and-spoke centralized playout scenarios, Vector MultiPlay provides the “hub” automation component while Vectorbox serves as the “spoke.”

In addition to advancing its integration with MAM platforms, Vector 3 is also providing more Web-based systems such as the new multiviewer that allows the entire staff to tune in to the control room from virtually any desk making broadcast management much more flexible.

Highlights of the new technology include MAM capabilities for smart integration with tapeless workflows, integration with Diva, Xendata and SGI for cart machine management and Web-based Multichannel Viewer with multichannel timeline view.

There’s a new software Inspector for real-time control of live signals, new EPG formats, more extensive Subtitle file support and third-party compatibility for aspect ratio management (AFD, RP-186 and WSS). The software offers more compatibility with third-party playlist and as-run logs, and is compatible with NAS and SAN storage vendors.

Vector MultiPlay offers broadcasters the full range of multichannel playout capabilities; smart ingest, easy centralized and comprehensive monitoring added to effortless graphics management and channel branding. Vector MultiPlay incorporates everything offered by other third-party vendors plus the dynamic redundancy management that ensures investments deliver the maximum security possible.

VectorBox is a turnkey systems that delivers the full range of playout automation features, It includes ingest, graphics, channel branding and local programming management integrated into one chassis.




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