ViBE VS7000 Multiscreen Platform Adds New Features for Live and File-Based Content

Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE™ VS7000 multiscreen video platform has been enhanced with new features that increase its versatility and power for both live and file-based IP video. In addition to its support for existing streaming formats from Apple® and Microsoft®, the ViBE VS7000 now offers support for the MPEG-DASH format.

The ViBE VS7000’s value for live IPTV and WebTV/OTT applications is also extended by its new capacity for ingest and other file-based workflows. Allowing live and file applications to run concurrently on a single system, the ViBE VS7000 provides high operational convenience through a common, intuitive graphical interface.

Combining functionality that would otherwise require parallel infrastructures for file-based and live encoding, the ViBE VS7000 video system integrates easily with external platforms through a common built-in SOAP/Web services interface. Its built-in video operating system providing native load balancing and redundancy/fail-over, allied to the unit’s compact, high-density packaging, makes the ViBE VS7000 a cost-effective item in both capital and operational budgets.

“With this new version, the ViBE VS7000 takes another leap forward as a highly versatile platform for multiformat applications by letting users deliver TV channels using the latest WebTV standard — MPEG-DASH,” said Hervé Congard, chief operating officer, Thomson Video Networks. “The capacity for simultaneous live and file-based applications, combined with the overall platform performance improvements, further reduces operator costs. The ViBE VS7000 Multiscreen Video System is undoubtedly the easiest way to rapidly deploy a reliable, high performance and scalable platform for IPTV delivery, Web TV streaming, and OTT services broadcasting, with superior video quality.”

Supporting all major packaging, including the latest MPEG-DASH standard, as well as MPEG transport stream, Adobe® Flash®, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming, the ViBE VS7000 is highly scalable in terms of input channels and output profiles. It handles multiple output formats per channel, with video resolution up to 1920×1080 in progressive and interlaced modes.

New advanced video preprocessing optimizes the resizing and de-interlacing processes for even better picture quality at lower bit rates, and complements the already comprehensive feature set of the solution.







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