VidiGo Launches Free Trial of the New VidiGo Toolbox

VidiGo is introducing free trial downloads. VidiGo wants to set an example by launching a downloadable free trial of its best selling product, VidiGo Toolbox, the popular desktop grabber with video player and still store.

It is very common in the software industry to provide free downloads. This is still unique in the broadcast industry and underpins the strategy of VidiGo to focus on software products. Within a few weeks, downloadable free trial versions of VidiGo Graphics and several VidiGo Apps will follow.

During 2011, several users of VidiGo Toolbox shared their ideas for new or enhanced features. We listened to the suggestions and implemented many of the requests. Using the feedback, our development team added greater control over onboard or online content. Just a few of the useful features include: a custom mouse pointer, reset transformation, fade button, black output button, and hide the taskbar option.

VidiGo Toolbox supports the DeckLink Duo™ SDI card from Blackmagic-Design, in addition to the high-end cards of Deltacast. Supporting Blackmagic video cards allows VidiGo to offer an even more cost-effective, yet still professional solution to broadcasters dealing with limited budgets.







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