VidiGo releases VidiGo Playout

VidiGo releases VidiGo Playout, a 24/7 operating software that mixes and plays out video with highly interactive graphical overlays. The first channels have been successful up and running since the end of 2011.

Marcell Mijwaart, manager TV 538 & SLAM!TV: “The possibilities which VidiGo Playout offer are a perfect match to the ideas we have for our channels. It is not nearly enough to play a number of music videos. A mix of clips, live content and interactive layers enables us to offer attractive TV”.

Mix clips with live input based on XML or ‘drag&drop created’ playlists. VidiGo Playout also supports Plugins for the import of specific document formats.

The Adobe Flash based overlays enable you to easily add logos, animations, ads, promos, news banners, twitter feeds etc. to the output SDI signal. No need for expensive specialists to create graphics. Adobe Flash support simplifies and reduces the cost of the traditional time-consuming broadcast graphics creation process.

VidiGo Playout offers excellent possibilities for modern TV channels that, besides video, also want to embrace interactive graphics and social media. It is very simple to realize all kinds of links. In addition to databases, data for real-time interactive graphics can also come from RSS feeds, Twitter or Facebook.




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