Vinten Radamec Launches the Ultimate Heavy Weight Robotic Studio Solution

Vinten Radamec introduces its latest solution in response to customer demand for a robotic pedestal for even heavier payloads. The FPR-210+ is a variation of the renowned robotic pedestal, the FP-188, smoothly managing payloads of up to 95kg/210lbs, providing operators with uncompromising on-air support for heavy weight camera packages.

The new pedestal supports the weight of Vinten Radamec’s renowned Fusion FH-145 head, plus the combined weight of the studio camera or build-up kit, studio lens and prompter/vanity monitor combination of up to 66kg/145lbs, maximising the payload capacity of the FH-145.

The FPR-210+ offers the smoothest on-air operation, across all speeds. It recognises the compact L shaped floor targets that work across a wide range of floor finishes or can be supplied with the Fusion Absolute Positioning System (APS). The award-winning APS delivers the ultimate positional accuracy and operational flexibility never before possible when using free-roaming robotic camera support pedestals.

Phil Dalgoutte, product manager for Vinten Radamec said:  This is the latest in our line of next generation products that will provide studios with the highest performing heavy weight robotic solution on the market. The FPR-210+ can be locally controlled through the easily accessible buttons to operate the height column and switching the pedestal base to full-manual operation, this makes it simple to switch between free form and pre-programmed show formats providing studios with even more flexibility.






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