Visual Enterprises Acquires Meduza Systems

UK based 3D Visual Enterprises has acquired 100% of Meduza Systems LLC, the Irvine, CA based award-winning developer of the 3D cameras, the Meduza TITAN and the Meduza MK1, it was announced by Chris Cary, CEO of the newly formed combined company, re-named Meduza Systems Ltd.

In streamlining the company, the executive team includes the appointments of consultants Matt Whalen, Imaging and Color Scientist and Al Mayer, Chief Mechanical Engineer and Program Manager.   Meduza Systems Ltd retains offices in London, England and Irvine, CA.

Prior to the acquisition, 3D Visual Enterprises has been the financial, marketing and distribution arm of the company with Meduza Systems LLC, focused on research and development.   All activities will now be integrated under one company umbrella, Meduza Systems Ltd, which will also be responsible for all international and domestic US operations and global marketing efforts.  “With the consolidation, we are now better positioned to serve our customers by providing the best 3D camera and localized support systems,” says Cary.

The company’s restructuring arrives just 1 year after Meduza Systems’ auspicious debut at NAB last April where they garnered a Mario Award from the industry’s leading magazine, TV Technology.  Recognized for their ‘Innovation & Technical Excellence,’ the Meduza MK1 Camera remains the first single beyond 4K digital stereoscopic 3D (S3D) camera ever developed.   In October, Meduza Systems previewed the TITAN, the first fully controllable, lightweight, 3D precision single HD camera with 2K dual sensors outputting dual1080p, an exciting and much needed solution for 3D television production, at the Createasphere Exposition.  In addition, the Delta 4K S3D Meduza Lenses, the first 38mm diameter matched pair 3D lenses, were first launched at IBC.  “By consolidating 3D Visual Enterprises Ltd and Meduza Systems LLC, we have simplified and streamlined our operations and corporate structure,” says Meduza Systems Ltd COO Jon Kitzen (retaining the position he held at Meduza Systems LLC).  “We look forward to our continued innovation, growth and success with the delivery rollout of our product line.”

Meduza Systems Ltd Imaging and Color Scientist consultant Matt Whalen has been engaged and working on the Meduza Systems technology since its inception.  Among the vast range of Whalen’s extensive expertise in image sensor evaluation and image processing development, are consumer products for clients including AT&T Videophone, SiliconFilm’s eFilm cartridge, digital cinema product development for RED, Cisco Telepresence and additionally in the medical field the Smith and Nephew HD endoscopy camera.  Whalen has formerly served in senior technical positions with Lucent/ Bell Labs, Conexant, and SiliconFilm Technologies and currently holds more than ten patents in the areas of lightwave and digital camera technology.





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