VSN unveils at NAB its new applications platform Spider

VSN unveils officially at NAB 2012 its newest project: the Spider platform. It consists of an ecosystem with applications and web services, open and reliable for the implementation of Business Process Management (BPM) in the Media and Broadcast sector in order to make more processes and content management profitable.

Pioneer of a new generation

Facing the needs of expansion and flexibility of the Media industry, VSN’s Spider Platform is a cutting-edge framework in a new generation of cloud-friendly software solutions for Media and Broadcast.

Spider highlights a balanced set of world-class features from different environments such as Broadcast (automation, cataloguing, etc), IT (network optimization, BPM, etc) and saving-cost oriented design and support for cloud business models. In fact, this platform opens the doors to the cloud services in any of its aspects (private, public or hybrid).

Its business-oriented aim makes of Spider an ideal solution for multiscreen distribution companies. It facilitates the content monetization and the creation of service and outsourcing business models. Spider also assists to make the previous investment profitable, thus it integrates several systems in a simple and close way with the desired workflow.

Open architecture

The platform has been developed with the ultimate software development technology, using components and connections between the standard applications. With this technologic baseground, it helps to build open and versatile ecosystems that include modules from different vendors, facilitating the implementation and evolution of the work processes of each company.

This platform or framework incorporates a powerful user’s permission service with an active directory (AD), LDAP, domain, etc, allowing the supervision of user’s actions.

Optimizing the workflow with parametric metadata

Spider’s BPM module, VSNWORKFLOW MANAGER, helps to design workflows with parametric metadata in order to customize the business rules and adapt to each customer’s workflows regarding content transfer, quality control, notifications, transcoding, cataloguing, etc. It’s an “alive” solution, easy to adapt to the business changes and new requirements of the system.

Tracking all the system processes is simple, centralized and customizable for each user’s category. A technical manager can supervise all the company’s workflows, previewing, detecting and fixing any problem in a very efficient manner.

In this BPM layer, there are connected applications like Ingest-QC, MAM-Archive, News, Transcoding, Automation or Traffic, with self-connectors for each solution, compatible with the standard that was set at the international project FIMS (AMWA+EBU).

End-to-end storage management

The several content locations are managed in a single way with the MediaBus subsystem, VSNSTORAGE MANAGER. The applications and BPM layer are connected to this MediaBus to request copies, media transfers, transcoding requests, register to play-outs and all operations related to AV files. VSNSTORAGE MANAGER is a pioneer module in the industry that provides visibility and monitoring to the cached content, online storage, HSM modules (integrated with FP, SGL, Xendata…), data engines or VTRs.

VSNSTORAGE MANAGER also integrates VSN’s exclusive communication protocol, UMP, in order to optimize the network and accelerate the IP transfers between subsystems and different sites, allowing that remote infrastructures can communicate and work in the same environment.

Intuitive and web-based GUI

VSNEXPLORER is the new user interface of Spider. Based on HTML5 web technology, it acts like an entry point for the entire platform and the linked applications, such as MAM, Traffic, etc. It can be user customized in relation to their permissions and their daily-work applications.

A business-oriented solution

The main value of the platform is to orchestrate all the company’s solutions and storage, integrating all processes in a business-oriented way. Thanks to this efficient solution everything is reachable and accessible. All applications from other manufacturers (MAM, Traffic, Automation, etc.) acquire a high-level of interoperability.








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