VSN will introduce 3 different archive solutions at IBC2012

IBC 2012 in Amsterdam (Sept 7th-11th) will see the simultaneous launch of 3 specific multimedia content management and archive solutions by VSN.

VSNARCHIVE 5, the flagship of VSN’s Spider framework unveiled at NAB last April. It enables the customisation of the metadata structure, supported formats, multimedia file types and processes associated to the content. It’s been developed using state-of-the-art technologies and features HTML5-based user interface. VSNARCHIVE fulfills all the needs of national broadcasters and commercial TV channels. Multi-company and multi-department, it offers the standard functionality of a high-end broadcast archive (hotlists, partial retrieval, EDL management, subclip creation, built-in logger, QA, Thesaurus, advanced permission management, integration with 3rd parties’ HSM (FPD, SGL, Xendata, etc.…), along with a series of unique powerful features: Multimedia capability, process tracking, social tools, adaptative proxies, customized GUI per user profile and web-based architecture, among others. All together making it one of the most modern and powerful archive solutions in the industry.

VSNSTORAGE MANAGER (the MediaBus part of VSNARCHIVE) takes care of all automatic content transcoding and normalization tasks, showing the status of each asset and the locations where it seats. It can be integrated with several transfer accelerators (such as VSN’s UMP) to optimize the hi-res content movements (bulky files).

The archiving needs of TV channels (cable-satellite), corporations, government organizations and universities will be fulfilled by the brand new VSNMEDIASTORE. Built using similar technology, it features specific sets of metadata for News and/or Programs, along with the most standard processes management for these, such as ingest and normalization tools, send-to-playout and send-to-web-TV automatic tasks, partial retrieval with all media, etc. All of it in a compact and affordable format.

VSN also thought about the standard Production Houses’ workflow, therefore it’s proud to present VSNSHARER. This efficient and affordable application integrates perfectly with most NLEs in the market in order to manage the content of the different online storage units (production storages) and the shared editing projects. The optional HSM module, VSNSHARER NEARLINE, enables a fast transfer of projects and video files to an external LTO or HD drive/unit, plus a simple and straightforward total or partial retrieval process through drag & drop to the NLE.

Common to all 3 solutions we’ll highlight its web architecture. This means that there’s no need to install any client software, a browser is good enough. Furthermore this architecture enables the creation of any cloud-type layout (private, hybrid or public), thus opening the door to the development of new service-oriented business models.




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