WASP3D Announces Release of the WASP Community Edition ver 3.4

WASP3D announced the release of a Community Edition (ver 3.4) of the Wasp Software Suite. The Wasp3D CE is a fully functional free version for beginners to learn, evaluate and gain experience with the software. The WASP3D CE suite consists of the 3D Design tool – Drone Designer and the real-time rendering server – Sting Server. Graphic Artists, 3rd Party Developers, Technology providers can now use this opportunity to evaluate WASP3D, build solutions and applications and share/present it to the potential clients. It is a downloadable version that can be used for personal, educational & commercial usage.

The WASP CE version is released in tandem with the Enterprise Edition of the Wasp3D Software. Some of the new features that have been introduced in the new version includes:

    • User Defined Tables (UDT): UDT is a relational table management system designed for Artists to link Scene elements to a simple database. It provides users, access to a collection of tables that can be customized to create hierarchical, category-based data entry and data storage interfaces.
      User Defined Tables represent tabular information. The data in UDT is stored in rows and columns and is popularly known also known as spreadsheets. The tables are created in the Drone Designer and the data can be populated in the UDT using the Drone Designer itself or via other Wasp3D modules (Data Buzz & Sting Client). The introduction of the UDT, eliminates the dependency on external spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft SQL to some extent, especially for small DB driven projects.


    • Blur Texture – Depth of Field: In photography, the term “depth of field” refers to the range of depth that is considered to be “in-focus” for a picture of that scene. Any areas outside of that depth will appear blurred due to the resulting circle of confusion (abbreviated CoC) being large enough that the eye can detect it. The Blur Texture: Depth of Field is a post process, full-screen pass implementation to simulate DOF. DOF is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appears sharp.


    • Blur Texture – SSAO: The Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) is an implementation of Ambient Occlusion in real time. Ambient occlusion provides a better perception of the 3d model. It is computed in a full-screen pass, using the Z-buffer as the only input. The ambient occlusion factor of each pixel is estimated by testing a set of points distributed around the pixel’s location. Based on this, the effect of exposure of each point of an object to the ambient light is determined – hence displaying a more realistic visual of the scene.


    • Parametric Hatch Textures: The Hatch Texture is a Real-Time ‘non-photorealistic’ rendering using tonal DDS Texture Maps. Controlling the intensity of the Strokes within the Hatch texture (DDS) helps attain appropriate stroke size and density at all resolutions, and helps maintain coherence across scales and tones. The enhanced control of tone also helps avoiding blending or aliasing artifacts.


    • OpenType Font Support: OpenType® is a cross-platform font file format developed jointly by Microsoft and Adobe. The OpenType Format is based on Unicode, an international multi-byte character encoding that can include multiple language character sets in one font.


    • Candle Graphs: Added for Financial Data graphics. It is a combination of a line-chart and a Bar-Chart that can be used to show a range of price movement over a given time interval.


    • Water Texture: A texture map that simulates water, and can be applied to any material.


    • Gradient Texture: A custom texture to create Gradient effect using four point Color gradients. Instead of using a third-party software to create gradient textures, users can use the four gradient types – Rectangle, Radial, Conical and linear to create a texture in Wasp.


    • Scripts: Now supporting JavaScript in an actions. Users can write script to change data or set values in an action.


  • PostgreSQL Add-In: – Now supporting data integration with PostgreSQL.







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