WISI presents innovative solutions for Future TV, Multiscreen and OTT

German firm WISI Communications GmbH & Co. KG (WISI) will present at IBC 2016 (September 9 – 13) in Amsterdam various extended systems and efficient solutions for the implementation and extension of next generation networks. Operators of cable and IP networks can distribute, manage and control their linear and non-linear TV Everywhere services via their networks to TV sets and mobile end devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops (OTT and Multiscreen). These solutions have to fit into existing infrastructures and should be adapted for future requirements at low expenses. One of the highlights at the WISI stand B.50 in hall 4 is a live demo of the field proven Multiscreen & OTT delivery platform Katamaran. A second high-light is the new software architecture Headend 3.0 for the two headend systems TANGRAM and CHAMELEON. It provides to headend operators a much higher performance and efficiency. WISI has extended its optical platform OPTOPUS towards CCAP and DOCSIS 3.1.

20160604 - WISI User Interface Katamaran

Katamaran Live Demo

WISI will present a live demo of its Multiscreen & OTT delivery platform Katamaran for the first time at IBC 2016. WISI has combined key components and software infrastructure of the proven and scalable platform it has acquired from American firm Aereo with its established WISI TANGRAM, and CHAMELEON reception and processing platforms and the high-density, modular linear and multiscreen ABR transcoding platform WISI Inca 4430 for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC. The result is a robust and comprehensive end to end Multiscreen & OTT solution that meets the unique multiscreen and OTT delivery needs of network and independent video operators around the world. Katamaran has been built from the outset for cost effective, rapid deployment and ease of operation. Initially aimed at independent video operators it provides the opportunity to deploy and support scalable multiscreen services on IOS, Android, and ROKU, with further HTML5 browser support. The platform features extensive Cloud DVR capabilities, Catch up TV, Authentication, Back office, EPG management and other administrative tools.

WISI 4430 - Front Perspective View - Transparency - Labeled

Another novelty is the WISI 5420 packager and origin server suitable for integration into both Katamaran and non-Katamaran Multiscreen & OTT applications. The 5420 continues support for Inca’s famous VidiOSTM Intelligent Video DeliveryTM solution and introduces significant new features including support for Subtitling, Multilingual & multi-track audio, capacity for up to 5000 simultaneous user connections, and support for publishing to third-party CDNs such as Akamai.


WISI has equipped its successful headend system TANGRAM for IPTV and analog/digital TV solutions with a pioneering software architecture. This in-house development doubles the performance of TANGRAM modules for the reception and play-out of IPTV streams without any more energy consumption. The operator saves hardware and increases the operative and commercial efficiency of his headend significantly.

For future-oriented operations WISI has extended the TANGRAM system for its export markets by new functionalities for optimal transport stream processing, scrambling, descrambling and enabling e.g. PSIP, AES-128 and BISS.


WISI has also equipped its internationally awarded headend system CHAMELEON with its new software architecture and xView. Headend 3.0 increases the performance of the system by factor 3. Network operators can implement the new software architecture in CHAMELEON very easy by an update and maintain their existing hardware. The improved performance more than six times is increasing the number of incoming and outgoing IP streams from 20 to 128.WISI will also release software packages for streaming, multiplexing and scrambling, as well as other use cases. All the network operator has to do is to pick and choose from a number of different options in order to get the performance he needs.

xVIEW monitors TANGRAM 3.0 and CHAMELEON 3.0

WISI’s headend systems TANGRAM 3.0 and CHAMELEON now also can be monitored with the End-to-End Network Management System (NMS) xVIEW.  This system allows for status monitoring and the control of any device in the entire transmission chain from headend to HFC network. xVIEW provides the automated service monitoring of analog TV, digital TV, DOCSIS and FM radio. It increases service uptime while reducing operational costs by issue pointing and trend reporting. The NMS is scalable from small cable networks to very large enterprise systems.

OPTOPUS: New WISI LR 15 S 2/3/4xxx optical transmitters and new LR 4x node series

The modular access platform OPTOPUS has been consistently extended upon to seamlessly operate and integrate with technologies such as CCAP und DOCSIS 3.1. These technological revolutions are required to enable network operators to respond to the continuously increasing demand for bandwidth. WISI introduces at IBC new product lines for CCAP network expansion. With the centralized and distributed CCAP models network operators now have the choice between two different CCAP implementations.

For the central CCAP migration for analog optical transmissions WISI provides the three new 1.2 GHz full spectrum transmitters (LX 15 S 2/3/4xxx) to cover the broader DOCSIS 3.1 frequency range. LX 15 2xxx is a cost-efficient single transmitter solution for the transmission of downstream signals in the entire available frequency spectrum. LX15 3xxx is a powerful, adjustable transmitter including optical amplification. LX 15 4xxx provides a high density and can feed in up to 28 downstream service groups into a fiber network in one OPTOPUS chassis.

The integrated CCAP model replaces Edge-QAM and CMTS by a CCAP platform which separates package processing and data management. It processes the upstream and downstream traffic with HF line cards. This provides various advantages concerning processing density, cabling and space requirements. At the same time investment and operation costs are reduced while flexibility is rising by scaling these new systems.






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