XenData Announces LTO-6 Support

XenData has announced its immediate support for LTO-6, offering more storage capacity per tape cartridge as well as faster transfer speeds.

The XenData portfolio of LTO archive appliances and servers, the SX-10 and SX-500 Series, now work with LTO-6 drives and tape libraries from a wide range of manufacturers including HP, IBM, Oracle, Qualstar, Quantum, Spectra Logic and Tandberg Data. The SX-10 and SX-500 manage both disk and LTO storage, providing a network attached storage (NAS) architecture; presenting video assets within a standard file/folder structure accessible over a network. They offer compatibility with a wide range of applications used in the media and entertainment industry including most media asset management (MAM) applications and video editing systems.

LTO-6 provides the following benefits:

Greater Capacity: Cartridge native capacity increases from 1.5 TB to 2.5 TB, with a single LTO-6 cartridge now able to hold over 100 hours of HD recorded at 50 Mb/s or over 50 hours at 100 Mb/s.
Faster Transfer: Transfer rates increase from 140 MBytes/s to 160 MBytes/s.
Compatibility with Previous Generations: LTO-6 drives are read/write compatible with LTO-5 cartridges and read-only compatible with LTO-4 cartridges.

The availability of LTO-6 further reinforces LTO cartridges as the preferred storage medium for high capacity long-term video archives. It provides reliable storage with a 30 year cartridge lifetime which cost-effectively scales to multiple petabytes.

“XenData’s support for this latest LTO generation means that archive system cost per terabyte is further reduced,” said Mark Broadbent, co-founder and CTO of XenData. “By leveraging the many benefits of LTO-6, such as higher capacity, long life, reliability, speed and ease of use, we continue to provide our customers with state-of-the-art video archive solutions at affordable prices.”

XenData turnkey LTO-6 archive solutions are immediately available and start at $9,995 for a system that includes an SX-10 Archive Appliance and LTO-6 tape drive. XenData LTO-6 archive solutions will be demonstrated on the XenData booths at BVE 2013 in London 26-28 February (stand A4) and at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas 8-11 April (booth SL12413).




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