XenData Launches LTO Archive Server with SSD Cache

XenData announced the launch of its new high performance SX-524 Archive Server for archiving video assets to high capacity LTO robotic tape libraries.

The SX-524 uses up to 2.4 TB of high endurance SSD for caching files that will be written to and restored from LTO. It includes two 10 GigE network ports and supports LTO libraries with capacities up to 25 PB, and provides high sustainable archive rates of up to 20 TB per day written to LTO-6 cartridges.

The SX-524 is the latest and fastest model in XenData’s SX-520 Series of archive servers. Each model is a 2U rack mount unit that manages one or more LTO data tape libraries, providing a NAS (network attached storage) architecture.

The SX-524 Archive Server runs XenData6 Server software, which provides a rich set of functionality including:

    • Standard File/Folder Interface – The digital archive accepts all file types.
    • Manages Near-line LTO & Offline LTO – The administrator defines policies that can be tailored for different file types and folders.
    • Windows and Mac Client Compatibility – Windows and Mac OS X clients are natively supported without the need for loading any client software
    • Standard Network Protocols -The solution is optimized for CIFS/SMB and FTP file transfers.
    • Self-Describing Data Tapes – LTO cartridges are written in either LTFS or TAR format and each cartridge contains all the file system metadata necessary to recover all the files stored on it.
    • LTO Cartridge Replication – The software automatically generates replica LTO cartridges that may be exported from the library for off-site retention. Furthermore, the cartridges may be rapidly imported into a replica DR system.
    • Partial Read of Large Files – XenData6 Server software supports partial reading of large files based on byte offset.
    • Repack of LTO Cartridges – This copies only current files excluding deleted files and old versions of files, to new LTO cartridges. Benefits include recovery of capacity from rewritable cartridges and the ability to easily migrate to future generations of LTO.
  • Transfer of Content between Systems – Export and import functions allow content to be easily transferred from one location to another.

The SX-524 archive server offers broad compatibility with third party products used within the media and entertainment industry including most media asset management systems.

“The new SX-524 Archive Servers are ideal for creating large archives built on industry standards. They offer a standard file-folder interface and write to LTO using either the LTFS interchange standard or open standard TAR,” said Mark Broadbent, XenData CTO. “The use of standards makes it easy to change vendors when you are ready to upgrade your archive and prevents being held hostage to a supplier that uses a proprietary approach.”

The SX-524 supports a wide range of enterprise LTO tape libraries, including from HP, IBM, Oracle/Storagetek, Overland Storage, Qualstar, Quantum and Spectra Logic.

The SX-524 Archive Server is available immediately.








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