XenData Launches the SX-525 Server Cluster for High Availability LTO Archives

XenData announced the launch of the SX-525, an LTO archive server cluster for high availability that scales to provide multiple Petabytes of near-line LTO storage.

The new XenData SX-525 supports one or more LTO libraries connected via fibre channel and includes two servers running Windows Server 2012 in a clustered configuration with a fully redundant RAID cache. The SX-525 supports most enterprise-class robotic LTO libraries, including models from HP, IBM, Oracle, Qualstar, Quantum and Spectra Logic. It may be configured to mirror files across two LTO libraries, creating a fully redundant LTO archive system with no single point of failure.

The SX-525 adheres strongly to industry standards in all aspects of its design. It supports writing to LTO-5 and LTO-6 cartridges using either the LTFS interchange standard or open standard TAR format, eliminating vendor lock-in. Furthermore, the server may be accessed with a standard file/folder interface over 10 GigE or 1 GigE networks using either the CIFS/SMB or FTP network protocols.

“The new SX-525 server cluster is our latest product in the XenData SX-520 Series, all of which may be accessed just like disk-based Network Attached Storage,” said Phil Storey, XenData CEO. “This means that our products are inherently compatible with a wide range of applications used in the media and entertainment industry. In addition, our use of the LTFS format ensures that there is LTO cartridge interchangeability with other LTO solutions that comply with the LTFS standard. ”

The SX-525 will be demonstrated at IBC, September 12-17, 2013 in Amsterdam on the XenData booth, D07, in hall 7. It will be available later this year and includes onsite support from Hewlett Packard in most regions worldwide.




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