XenData Unveils Amazon Cloud Storage Support

XenData announces that it will be showcasing a broad range of digital video archiving solutions and enhanced connectivity at this year’s IBC 2014, including the debut of its new multi-archive solution for Amazon Cloud, Sony ODA and LTO as well as a new low-cost archive solution for Avid Projects. The solutions on display will include:

    • Cloud Support and Enhanced Connectivity for Digital Video Archive – XenData will be demonstrating its added support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Storage across its entire archive appliance and server product range, including the SX-10 and SX-520. The new cloud-based connectivity provides customers added flexibility allowing content to be easily stored and archived to Amazon Cloud, LTO and Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA), or a combination of all three simultaneously.

    • Low-Cost Archive of Avid Projects – XenData and Marquis Broadcast team up to showcase their latest version of Project Parking which has been tightly integrated with XenData’s entire archive range. The new combined solution allows the seamless management of offline LTO or Sony optical disc archive (ODA) cartridges, giving system administrators the ability to easily migrate projects to much lower cost storage with unlimited space.


  • N1/SONY – N1, a CNN affiliate, was looking for a future-proofed, scalable archive solution that could easily integrate into daily content production and provide for the retrieval of media any time. N1 chose to partner with Sony for an ODA library managed by XenData. The solution consists of an Optical Disc PetaSite ODS-L30M library that provides a 136TB capacity which is scalable to over 800TB. The 10,000 hours – and growing – archive library is interfaced to an IBIS iFind media asset management system via XenData, offering flexibility, longevity and value. XenData will be demonstrating the integrated XenData and Sony solution.

XenData’s digital video archiving solutions deliver the high-performance and functionality required to meet today’s demanding digital video applications. Built on IT standards, XenData is pushing the envelope with cost effective and easy-to-use video archive solutions. To find out more about XenData at this year’s IBC 2014 show, visit them in Hall 7, booth H47.






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